Foundation Work Off to a Good Start

Our construction crew is hard at work on the foundation, trying to get as much done while the weather stays pleasant. The cold is actually less of a problem than if any actual snowfall were to occur. A little jackhammering would free up frozen soil; but if we had a significant snowstorm we would have to scoop it all out before continuing work in the trenches. In this photo, workers are preparing forms before we pour the footings, which are what supports the above-ground portion of the new structure.

Now, when you work on existing buildings, inevitably there are surprises. You will note some bent plastic pipes in the lower left hand corner of the photo. These hold the electrical and data cables that connect the Dunham Building to the Main Hospital. It turns out these pipes were running in an unexpected direction, so we will have to relocate them in addition to the other tasks.

Keep your fingers crossed that weather holds out for us as the foundation work continues!

- Rob

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